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Approval to Build 32-Unit Condominium Complex on
Old Runnells Bridge Road


Summary of Project

The Planning Board granted approval for this thirty-two unit complex on nine acres.

Results in decreased funding for our students and increased taxes for our residents.

The construction of 32 housing units will likely result in approximately 16 to 25 new students in our school district. The taxes collected from these lower cost housing units will not cover the cost of the additional expenses for the school district and thus the long term consequence of this development will be an increase in taxes and a reduction in the quality of education we can provide to the children of Hollis!

Will increase the traffic on South Depot and Runnels Bridge Roads.

The addition of 32 residential units will result in a significant increase in traffic at the site.  This additional traffic is sure to burden present Hollis residents with additional delays. 

Update:  The Planning Board chose to sign off the plans without holding the required compliance hearing. Why did they choose not to verify that the conditions that were imposed on the developer were addressed satisfactorily?


This project has now been put forth for final signature at the Jun 2, 2020 Planning Board meeting. There are many significant problems with the material submitted by the applicant. Numerous conditions imposed by the Planning Board back in November of 2019 must be reviewed. Please review the documents attached below and advise the Planning Board to hold a hearing before issuing final approval.

Letter to the Planning Board 5-28-2020 Requesting a Compliance Hearing


Why didn't the Planning Board hold the required compliance hearing?


Non-Compliances With the Conditional Approval


Problems with Wetland Application


Grounds for  Zoning Board Appeal


Detailed Description of Improper Zoning Interpretations with Annotated Site Plans

Why isn't the allowed number of units calculated correctly?

(Update 10-7-19 NHDES confirms ponds are jurisdictional wetland.)

Why can't the developer meet our road or parking regulations? (Update 10-9-19)

NH Supreme Court case about roads in condo developments:

Why does the developer claim that he can fill the wetlands?

(Updated 10-7-19  Soil Survey shows disturbed soils)

Why the Developer Cannot Fill the Ponds Without a State Permit

Image of Developer's Site Plan Submitted November 2018


Plans Submitted in Sept. 2019

Letter to the Planning Board about Workforce Housing

Ordinance and Regulation Concerns


Old Runnells Bridge