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Got Development?

If you have convinced yourself that the invasion of high density developments in our areas of open space is acceptable and that there is nothing that you can do to stop it, please know that this is a lie!! The residents of Hollis have more power to control this devastating issue than they are choosing to use.


We must remain “Plugged In” to what is going on around us and emerge from our comfort zones of the blind daily grind and canned response of, “Oh well, people have to live somewhere.” Yes, people do have to live somewhere, however, do you want them living in areas that make Hollis the rural, scenic and active farming community that it is?


Please do your own research and investigate the number of “developments” that have already been shoved on pristine land. If this continues at its present rate, Hollis will lose its precious ecosystem charm and country feel, destined to become just a glorified Nashua.


Now is the time to push back and preserve what remains.


Jennifer L. Parker-Cash

Hollis, NH

The views and opinions expressed on this editorial page are those of the author alone.

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