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Who We Are

HollisWatch is a group of concerned citizens who seek to maintain the rural character and historic nature of our great community.

Joseph Garruba

Jonathan Garruba

Our Mission

Hollis is a unique town which has been able to preserve its historic and agricultural roots for over 270 years. Hollis has a proven track record of land stewardship and conservation. Residents enjoy the tranquil respite the Town's open spaces provide. 


HollisWatch endeavors to preserve and protect the rural nature of Hollis. HollisWatch will serve to keep residents engaged and informed about matters which will impact the town we love.


  • 2024 Petitioned a Zoning Amendment to protect natural resources in Hollis.  (Amendment did not pass)

  • 2023 Successfully Opposed the Planning Board's proposal to remove wetlands protections from our Zoning ordinance

  • 2022 Successfully Supported ending a proposed 50 unit condo development on Silver Lake Rd

  • 2022 Passed zoning amendment clarifying definitions section of our Ordinance

  • 2020 Passed 3 zoning amendments providing needed updates to the decade old Workforce Housing ordinance.

  • Reduced project density at Old Runnels Bridge Road from 36 units to 32 units.

  • Successfully supported the denial of a variance for 31 condos on Silver Lake Road.

  • Successfully supported the denial of a variance for 12 condos at Silver Lake.


Plan for 2024

  • Propose and Pass Zoning Ordinance to protect our town's resources.

  • Stay tuned for more!

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