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Planning Board Proposes Changes to the Sign Ordinance Amendment (5)

The Planning Board has proposed changes to the town's sign Ordinance.  They voted to send the changes to the ballot at the December 20, 2022 meeting

The text of the proposed changes is not included in the ballot language that was approved


It is offensive that the planning board would propose an amendment and not identify the language of the proposed change specifically.  Since there is no reference to specific language printed on the ballot, if this were to pass, a voter could not be certain which language would be enacted.  This is almost like a blank check to allow the ordinance to be changed in an unspecified way.  The planning board did provide a link to potential language in the notice for public hearing, but that document is not titled dated or referenced in any way on the ballot.  Why would a voter approve this amendment without clearly knowing what language would be enacted.  Below is the document that was linked in the December 20, 2022 meeting agenda

At the December 20, 2022 meeting, the following questions were asked


  1. Would this amendment apply to political signs?


  2. If so Which category are they?


  3. Will this impose size restrictions on political signs placed on private property?


  4. Will this impose restrictions on the number of political candidate signs that can be on a property?


  5. Will this amendment remove language that allows Holiday light or inflatable displays?


  6. Will political signs be required to get a permit?


  7. Will political signs be required to meet certain wind loads?


  8. Will signs be permitted to be displayed in half of a residence's window?

It is unclear why Mr. Petry responded with "   "  Since there seems to be considerable changes in the proposed document   A video clip of his response is included below

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