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2023 Safe Road Termination Zoning Amendment

HollisWatch has brought forth a petition Zoning Amendment which explicitly prevents the termination of dead end roads with Hammerheads and which limits the ability of the Planning Board to issue waivers


Problems with Hammerheads


To begin with, they are dangerous. Imagine being a delivery truck driver or snowplow driver reversing a large vehicle in a residential neighborhood. Situations like that are dangerous and can be avoided easily by designing subdivision roads with Cul-De-Sacs

Because of this hazard, school buses can not service roads with hammer heads. The bus company policy is not to drive down dead end roads, but it would be possible to service dead ends with Cul-De-Sacs if a policy change is desired.

For streets with hammerheads, the bus stop must be located at the end of the road where there is more and faster moving traffic. This also inconveniences residents who need to drive on the through road to get to work and will now be stuck waiting while the bus stops on the through street instead of having bus stops on the dead end road where traffic on the through street would not be affected.

Parents and children must now wait outside at the bus stop instead of having a pick up and drop off nearer to their homes.

Next, the post office is pushing to have mailboxes located in a group on the through street. A cluster of mailboxes can hardly be considered to complement rural character and certainly is not beneficial for new residences. It will be impossible to push back on this misguided policy for streets terminated by hammerheads.

Benefit of Cul-de-sac

The visual appeal of a cul-de-sac with a center of trees provides a fitting view as one drives down the street. The vegetation hides the houses from the roadway traffic. Hammerheads provide no such visual appeal.


The text of the proposed change is shown below:

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