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2023 Planning Board Proposal to Remove High Density Development Amendment (3)

  1. The State Passed HB1661 in 2022 which states "Beginning July 1, 2023, incentives established for housing for older persons shall be deemed applicable to workforce housing development."


  2. The demand for services from High Density Means tested developments is much greater than that for retirement communities. The New State Statute does not take this into account and would therefore allow developments that impose intensive demands for services in a way that the town never intended when the current HFOP Ordinance was passed. For this reason, to protect our towns resources as well as to manage tax groth, we should ensure this amendment passes


  3. The town already has three Elderly housing developments and another 40 unit development is proposed north of Truell Rd. Infact, the developer is suing the town in order to build these units at nearly twice the density that the town voted to allow in 2020?.


  4. Units of this type on Cobbet Lane are listed for prices above 700K. The intent of the Housing For Older Persons Ordinance was to assist Hollis residents downsize and stay in town. The present ordinance does not achieve this. Please vote in favor of this amendment to protect the interest of Hollis residents.


  5. There are already water problems with local high density retirement developments. Water is a critical resource for this town. It is important that we pass this amendment to protect our town's resources.

The text of the proposed change is shown below

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