2021 Housing Legislation

Assembly Hall

2021 State Legislation Facilitating High Density Development (oppose)

HB 132
Prohibiting municipalities from requiring more than 1⁄2 acre for lots on

public water and sewer

• HB 189
Requiring municipalities to allow up to 3 apartments per single-family dwelling in the entire state

• HB 588
Allow small accessory houses to be considered Accesory Dwelling units. ADUs are presently not permitted to be rented. This bill would enable rental units where they presently are not permited

• SB 86
Re-establishment of the Housing and Conservation Planning Program  -  Creates a special interest advisory board of pro development groups to manage state money to "help" municipalities update their zoning ordinance

•Continuation of the Density Commission

A study group to find ways to pack more people into New Hampshire without justification.

2021 Legislation restoring local control (support)


Repeal of the Housing Appeals Board, an unelected board to overrule local land use boards.  This Board was snuck into the last budget bill even though it didn't get out of committee

           Contact Your State Representatives

Ask that your elected representatives fight to keep local control of zoning

State Reps:

Susan.Homola@leg.state.nh.us    Kat.McGhee@leg.state.nh.us    Keith.Ammon@leg.state.nh.us

State Senator:   Kevin.Avard@leg.state.nh.us

Contact Town Officials

Ask that Zoning and Planning Boards tell the State Legislature not to usurp their authority. 

planning@hollisnh.org     zoning@hollisnh.org




As you can see the development lobby is using the levers of government and your tax dollars to force the construction of high density housing throughout the state. Hollis needs your help to protect the rural attributes we all love. High density is inconsistent with Hollis' rural character and will permanently degrade the town we love and the effects will be dramatic and felt quickly

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