2021 Housing Legislation

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Summary of Proposed Legislation

The state of New Hampshire has proposed a bill to decrease local zoning authority, thus making it easier for developers to pass high-density projects.



2021 State Budget Bill Used to Reduce Local Zoning Authority!

HB 2   State Budget Rider
The State Senate negotiating team included many provisions in the Budget Bill which weaken local control of zoning!

Very problematic changes to Planning and Zoning concerns regarding local control  have made their way into this budget bill. In April the House tabled HB586 which included similar language and expansion of state control of local land use issues. I am including references to the specific troubling language below. The troubling consolidation of power to unelected bureaucracy at the state must be stopped. This bill certainly does not represent a solution that preserves or enhances local control as you may have heard.


The following description explains four page references to problematic language included in HB2 and a brief explanation of how damaging each provision will be. The page and line references correspond to the HB2 Committee of Conference Report of 6/17 posted on the GenCourt website at the link below



​New Office of Planning P84 Line 24


The bill instantiates an Office of Planning and Development with the express purpose of managing growth in the State! What justifies this? Do you think such a bureaucracy will be beneficial for local control? Directing growth in the state is not compatible with local control. Managed economies are are ripe for corruption. Please do not allow our state government to intrude further into local growth and development.

​State Development Plan P85 Line 12


Here again the language consolidates power to manipulate growth to an unelected commissioner in Concord instead of leaving the maximum authority for growth management with local planning boards. Why would we allow this?

​Policies and Plans of Office of Development P86 Line 17


Note the parties involved in formulating policies and plans: Commissioner of Planning, Governor and Office of Planning and Development. Not a single person elected to serve the interest of the local communities who would be affected by these plans. How can this be a representative system where local residents are served. It seems as if the language is designed to mute the voice of local municipalities.

​Training of Local Board Members (HB586) P87 Line 32


The House specifically tabled HB586 in April. One of the features of HB586 was the “training” of local officials. This concept was rejected by House members back in April. Why did the Senate negotiate this into the budget?


The development lobby is using the levers of government and your tax dollars to force the construction of high-density housing throughout the state. Hollis needs your help to protect the rural attributes we all cherish. High- density is inconsistent with Hollis' rural character and will permanently degrade the town we love, and the effects will be dramatic and immediate.



Contact Your State Representatives

Ask that your elected representatives fight to keep local control of zoning.  Ask why these provisions were allowed to remain in the budget.

State Reps:

Susan.Homola@leg.state.nh.us    Kat.McGhee@leg.state.nh.us    Keith.Ammon@leg.state.nh.us

State Senator:   Kevin.Avard@leg.state.nh.us

Contact Town Officials

Ask that zoning and planning boards tell the state legislature not to usurp their authority. 

planning@hollisnh.org     zoning@hollisnh.org

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