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Ethics Ordinance

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UPDATE: 6-1-21:

The Ethics Ordinance was withdrawn at the 2021 Town Meeting.



Summary of Need for Ethics Ordinance

          HollisWatch will submit an Ethics Ordinance to be considered at the Hollis Town Meeting this year. The ordinance will address conflicts of interest or the appearance of conflicts of interest relating to town land use boards and officials. Hollis previously has not approved an ethics ordinance, although twelve other towns in Hillsborough County already enacted one. This warrant article will give Hollis residents a chance to affirm the integrity of decisions at the town level. Holding town officials to the highest standards of conduct will allow residents to have greater confidence in the actions of their government, and, therefore, be more engaged in the governing process.

       The New Hampshire tradition of participatory government gives all voters a unique opportunity to directly implement local ordinances and ensure that decisions by town officials are free of conflicts of interest. In order for the petitioned warrant article to be implemented, it must pass by a majority vote at the deliberative session of town meeting. It will be important for voters to attend the meeting and vote in favor of adoption. Please support this warrant article to ensure the integrity of our local government. Exact language will be available soon

Main Points of Ethics Ordinance

  • Requires town officers to disclose potential conflicts of interest.

  • Provides universal definitions of conflicts of interest.

  • Provides a process for the Select Board to recommend that officers with a potential conflict of interest refrain from participating in a decision relating to a matter in which they have a potential conflict of interest.

  • Defines potential conflicts of interest as a:

Financial interest

Debtor or creditor relationship

Business relationship

Family relationship

Employment relationship

Property Abutter relationship


  • Does not prevent town officers from serving or being employed by the town or other towns.

  • Prohibits town employees or contractors from campaigning for ballot measures or candidates during work hours or with town resources.

  • Twelve cities and towns in Hillsborough County have currently enacted similar ethics ordinances.

  • Similar requirements are imposed on state and federal government officials.


Vote Yes for the Hollis Ethics Ordinance

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